SharePoint 2010 Interview Questions for Administrators

Q. Changes in Themes in SharePoint 2010. Can we re-deploy and use the Old Cutsom themes in SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint Server 2010 has changed the way themes work, making them easier to customize. You can now, change colors, fonts, links etc from themes interface itself. Also, you can import PowerPoint themes directly into SharePoint Server. Additionally, themes can now be applied to all subsites from one interface.

No, you cannot re-deploy and use your old cutsom themes in sharePoint. Any customizations and design work that you have done with themes will not be imported into the new interface.

Q. What is Enterprise Metadata Management?

Introduction to Enterprise Metadata Management

Q. What is Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint ?

.SharePoint 2010 provides a new set of technologies known as Business Connectivity Services for retrieving, editing, updating, and deleting data from external systems(for e.g. data from ERP or CRM database). BCS enhances the SharePoint platform’s capabilities with out-of-box features, services and tools that streamline development of solutions with deep integration of external data and services.

Q. How is BCS Different from BDC in SharePoint 2007 ?

Even though the BDC made it relatively easy to create read-only solutions that display data in the Business Data List Web Part, it was not so simple to create a solution that enabled users to make changes and write that data back to the external store.

BCS, on the other hand, provides you with Read-Write capable connectivity from Client and Server to Database, WCF/Web Services and .Net Sources. A Developer can now use SharePoint Designer 2010 and VS 2010 rapid development tools to access external data. Read more at Business Data Catalog(BDC) VS Business Connectivity Services(BCS)

Q. How would you create an Information Site in SharePoint 2010?

Ans. In SharePoint 2010 You can create a Read-Only Farm/site or site-collection by setting the Content database as Read-only.
Read details : Read-Only Sites in SharePoint 2010

Q. What would you clean up before upgrading to SharePoint 2010?

Ans. Before you begin upgrading from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, you should make sure that your environment is functioning in a healthy state and that you clean up any content that you do not have to upgrade.
Read Details :Clean Up - Before Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

Q. What Browsers are not supported with SharePoint 2010?

Ans. Older browsers — such as Internet Explorer 6.x and Internet Explorer for Macintosh are not supported by Microsoft. Read More Browser Support at Browser Support in SharePoint 2010

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