Converting .stp files to .wsp file for sharepoint 2010

As you might know that the Site templates or .stp files are deprecated in SharePoint Server 2010 and cannot be used to create new sites. Well, then how to migrate them? The answer is converting them to .wsp files or Solution packages. Solution packages(.wsp files) are the supported method for creating sites that are based on a template in SharePoint Server 2010. You can convert an .stp file to a .wsp file to continue to use the template after upgrade.

To convert an .stp file to a .wsp file follow the steps below :

1. In Office SharePoint Server 2007, create a site that is based on the template, and then upgrade the site to SharePoint Server 2010.

2. In SharePoint Server 2010, on the Site Actions menu in the upgraded site, click Site Settings.

3. On the Site Settings page, under Site Actions, click Save site as template.

4. On the Save as Template page, enter a File name and Template name, and then click OK.

The site template is saved as a .wsp file to the Solutions Gallery for that site collection and you can create new sites that are based on that solution.


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