SP 2007 Object Model Vs SP 2010

In Sharepoint Object model there are two Important namespaces.

In SharePoint 2007 - The Microsoft.Office.Server namespace is the root namespace of all Office Server objects and Microsoft.SharePoint is the root namespace for all WSS objects.

Hive :

In SharePoint 2007 - It has "12 hive" structure where all SharePoint resources are deployed.

In SharePoint 2010 - Microsoft has apparently added three new folders to its hive and calling it as "14 Hive"
* UserCode – files used to support sandboxed solutions
* WebClients – used for the client Object Model
* WebServices – New .svc files

Foundation :

SharePoint 2007 : Wss 3.0 was required for accessing all common SharePoint API's

SharePoint 2010 : SharePoint Foundation 2010 is required to provide base API's.


SharePoint 2007 : No API was available for Code to Interact with SharePoint site through Client side scripts (side Note : You can do it by calling Sharepoint web services using javascript )

SharePoint 2010 : MS has introduced Microsoft.SharePoint.Client namespace that enable you to interact with SharePoint sites through scripts that run in the browser from Microsoft .NET Framework managed code, and inside Microsoft Silverlight applications.



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