add a custom aspx page in sharepoint 2010 using SharePoint designer

In this post i show you an example of how to quickly create a custom aspx page or site page for sharePoint 2010 using SharePoint 2010 designer. We will add some javascript to it for testing.

To do this lets look at the steps :

1. Open SharePoint Designer 2010. Open a specific SharePoint site and click Site Pages.

2. Click Web Part Page on the ribbon to create a new page. Right-click the default site that is created for you and click Rename. Provide a name for the Site page "OurcustomPage", and then click the link to open the Properties page for the new page. To edit the new Web part page,click Edit File.

3. You can toggle between different views, which include a code view, design view, and a split view.Open the Toolbox to see the different controls that are available for use.

4. Open the page in code view. You’ll notice that there are some shaded and unshaded portions of the page. The unshaded portions of the page are where you can edit. The page content should look something like below

<WebPartPages:WikiContentWebpart runat="server" AllowEdit="True" AllowConnect=”True” ConnectionID="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" Title="" IsIncluded="True" Dir="Default"
IsVisible="True" AllowMinimize="True".....>
<div><asp:Label runat="server" Text="Developer Book Info" id="Label1" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="Medium"></asp:Label></div>
<!--... add other controls here ... -->

//Add javascript here

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function ShowAlert()
alert("This is my Custom Page");

5. Click Preview in Browser to ensure that the custom Web part loads as you’ve designed it.

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