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Work with Documents Offline in SharePoint 2013

There are few good Options in SharePoint 2013 to work with documents Offline.
Before SharePoint 2013 Users had an ability to use SharePoint Workspace for working with documents Offline.Since SharePoint Workspace is no longer supported, users now can you the very handy SYNC button to work with documents offline.

Let look at the Options -

 Work with Documents Offline using Document Library SYNC - You can make any Document Library SYNC to your Local Including the SkyDrive PRO Library. Once the Library is SYNCed users can Open, Edit and Add Files and Folders to the SYNCed Library Folder that gets created on your Local. These additions can be Synced back to the Library either Everytime when you connect to SharePoint or On-Demand with “Sync now”.See more @ Read More...

"SharePoint 2013 SYNC" 

SharePoint 2013 Folder to Outlook with Connect to Client - The new "Connect to Client" option allows a Folder or a Document Library (along with its Content) to be added in Users Outlook mailbox from where they can work and access the documents Offline. To use this Option simply select the Option “Connect to Client” in Folder properties and launch the Outlook. Read more..

Focus on Content not working in Custom Master Pages in SharePoint 2013

Missing Focus on Content in Custom Master Pages in SharePoint 2013

 If you are Creating a Custom SharePoint Master Page (a Converted HTML Master Page perhaps), the new "Focus on Content" Control might not work by default.

To make it work, simply wrap you main content around Contentbox div i.e. around

<br/><i><div id="contentBox" aria-live="polite" aria-relevant="all"></i>

As seen in screen the below from seattle.master.

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Migrating Custom Themes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 does not support “THMX” Themes that are Created in SharePoint 2010. If you are looking to migrate a Custom Theme from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, you would have to re-design the Theme with new structure (defined by XML files – SPColor.xml and SPFont.xml) and then apply to the new SharePoint 2013 site.

The Custom theme from SharePoint 2010 after upgrade will remain in place but the theme will no longer be applied to the site, and the site reverts to the default theme.

As might know that Themes in SharePoint 2013 are defined two XML files:
  • SPColor.xml - defines the color palette, in which slots now have semantic names so that it’s more clear what UI elements will be affected when you change a color value. Also, themes now support setting opacity.
  • SPFont.xml - defines the font scheme and supports multiple languages, web-safe fonts, and web fonts.
 See the Steps to Create a Theme at's Tutorial at Create Custom Theme in SharePoint 2013 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)


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