SharePoint Workflow Fail to Start(retrying) in Designer and Out-of-Box

Today we had to deploy a heavy custom solution to re-brand our sharepoint enviornment. Everything went well except while testing we noticed that none of the workflows SPD and Out-of-Box is working ... well the strange thing was that none of our wsp deployments were touching the workflows .. hummm

Well after testing a little more we found out that the workflows are working but the status always shows Fail to Start(retrying) and it says that it is canceled by the system account.

After little googling and with one of our colleagues suggestion we checked the service account used by our troubled web application ... and there was the issue. So, we did the following to resolve the issue (of course it was nothing to do with our deployments but i don't know how did it got re-set)

Steps :

1. Open Central admin -> Operations.
2. Under Security configuration go to service accounts.
3. Then on the service account screen in web application pool dropdown,select windows sharepoint services web application and in appplication pool drop down select the web application where the workflow is not working.
4. Now, Check the apppool account in configurable. This account should match the identity (or apppool account) for your web application in IIS. If its not make it the same and everything goes back to the normal Yeh!


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