Missing Out-of-box List templates on Create Page in SharePoint

Today when i was testing my new site theme(on a brand new site), and went to our useful "View all site content" -> Create Page to create a Issue type list, i noticed that a lot of my Out-of-Box lists and library types were missing.

After a little research i figured out that i didn't created the site using the publishing template instead i had just activated the publishing feature afterwards to get the publishing functionally. This however didn't really added the missing Out-of-box announcements, Issue tracking, Links,Calendar,Discussion boards and some other list templates that i was looking for.

Anyways, to bring the missing templates back all i did was, activated some site and site collection features which were not activated by default and which were responsible to add these list\library templates to the create page.

Here is the list of Features to activate -

Site collection feature -
Office SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features
Team Collaboration Lists

Site Feature -
Office SharePoint Server Standard Site features

and you have your list templates back on your create page. Yipee!


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