How to backup individual page in sharepoint

I have been looking for a good way to backup all my pages along with their webpart configuration( i mean what kind of webparts they have) and the position of the webparts on the page, from a long time now.
Even though, i didnt find any good way to do this, but for my urgent requirenment i followed a quick workaround. So below are the two ways i followed to backup pages.

Method 1-
1. Open the site in sharepoint designer and select(or (highlight) the page you want to backup.
2. Now, goto File -> export -> file -> Save As and save it to your local desktop.

You can later upload it in your pages library or whereever your page is and select add a new version.

Method 2 -
The steps are :
1. Open the in the Sharepoint designer and select the page to backup.
2. Check out the Page and Detach it from the layout.
3. Opne the page and under File -> “Save as “ a copy.
4. Once done undo the checkout.

For testing -
1. Now, add a new webpart on the original page.
2. Next, go to pages library and re-add that saved copy of the page as a new version to the existing page.
3. Publish the page as major version.
4. Now, open the page and it will be in its original state minus the new webpart that you added in step 2.

Well, both the methods doesn't work all the time. Still investigating.


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