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In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft provides you with various Web Analytics features where user can now view Traffic reports, Search reports and Inventory reports for the SharePoint site. The reports are also presented at various levels unlike sharePoint 2007 where you could see the site usage only.

The levels at which these reports can be seen are:

1. Per web application in the farm
2. Per site collection
3. Per site
4. Per search service application

Some of the tasks that you can see are :

Traffic reports:

How much traffic your site gets (Number of Page Views);
Who visits your sites (Top Visitors);
How visitors arrive at your site (Top Referrers);
Daily Unique Visitors, Top Destinations, Top Browsers, etc;

Search reports:
These reports give you insight into what users are searching for.
like How many times users searched (Number of Queries)
What were the most used search terms (Top Queries)
What queries have high failure rates (Failed Queries)
Best Bet Usage, Search keywords, etc

Inventory reports:
These reports display key metrics regarding the inventory of your sites:
What is the total disk drive space user (Storage Usage);
How many sites exist (Number of Sites);
Top Site Product Versions, Top Site Languages, etc;

You can access Web Analytics reports by going to Site Actions -> Site Settings. Under the Site Actions heading you will see two links, Site Web Analytics Reports and Site Collection Web Analytics Reports. By default, the reports show the data for a period of 30 days but you can change the time period to view data for up to 25 months by going to ‘Analyze’ tab in the Ribbon UI.

Some other Reports that are displayed are :

Best Bet Suggestion Report:
Recommends URLs as most likely results for particular search queries based on analysis of usage patterns. The site administrators can accept or reject these suggestions. If they accept, the corresponding query-URL pair is added to the search keywords list.

Best Bet Usage: Shows how Best Bet suggestions are doing over time. For every Best Bet query issued, the report shows the percentage of clicks on the Best Bet URL compared to other URLs.

Best Bet Action History Report:
Tracks the actions performed by the site administrator on the ‘Best Bet Suggestion’ Report.

The reports are represented in one of the two ways:

Trend reports - A trend report shows how a particular metric is doing over a period of time.

Rank reports -
A rank report shows the top 2000 results for a particular metric.
For more Details read the technet article Here


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