Adantages of Variations sharepoint 2010

So,What is this Variations BTW..

Its a new SharePoint 2010 Feature that makes content available to specific audiences on different sites by copying content from a source site to each target variation site. The interesting thing is that the content can be customized on the target variation site, so basically we can add some more pages that we don't want to show to the people who visit the source site into our variation site.

Some of the places where you can use this feature :

1. Create a site in a different language - You can use variations to create sites and content for specific languages.

2. To make Site Compatible with Multiple devices - You can customize the logic of the VariationRoot.aspx page to direct users to pages that are designed to work with different types of devices. For example, you might have target variation sites with pages designed for display on devices that have different screen sizes or screen resolutions.

3. Multiple Departments - You can use variations to create content for specific departments or brands. For e.g. a consmetic products site can have a variation site for one of the brands where they can add new pages, while keeping the base information and\or structure of the site same as the source site.

4. Run application in SharePoint Context - The target variation site, as we know copies all the site pages and redirects users to the variation site, this however, facilitates developers to run a custom application or third party tool in the variation site while retaining SharePoint context

Some of the Disadvantages are:

Variations feature does not copy everything from the source site - It only copies Pages from the Publishing site by default. Any additional resources, such as images that are used in those pages, are not copied but instead are referenced from the source variation site. Other site content, such as lists or libraries, are not copied at all and must be copied manually to any target variation site where those items are needed.

Not Updating Title - The first time a page on a source variation site is copied to a target variation site, the page title and content is copied to the target variation site. The next time the page is copied to the target variation site, only the page content is copied. The page title is not updated on target variation sites after the page is copied.


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