Cannot complete this action - deleteing Site collection Stsadm

Few days back, I ran into a situation where one of my site collections got corrupted and I was not able to delete it using central admin or stsadm. This happened, when I was trying to separate several site collections from a single web application database and was using stsadm backup\restore for placing each site collection in their respective databases.

First, I went to the obvious option Central Admin -> application management -> Delete site Collection, I selected the Site collection that I wanted to delete, but it came up with an error( don’t remember right now), then I tried the stsadm command and It gave me another message "Cannot Complete this Action . Please try again.

I then went back to the Content database that was suppose to contain this Site collection; at that time i noticed that there was no current sites in that database, and it was showing a big zero.
So clearly, the site collection got deleted from the content database (I dont know how.. may be stsadm) but it still has entries in the Content database's configuration database.

Fix : The only fix I could see was to delete the Content database which was containing that Site Collection ( I mean the destination content database not the one which has it originally!) and then run the same stsadm command again.


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