Errors After creating new SSP in SharePoint. Cannot Open database. Login Failed

A few weeks back we re-installed our farm and create a new SSP.For some reasons the SSP failed and we had to delete it and re-create it(several times infact).Just After we were done with the installation, our SQL guy handed over a bunch of SQL errors coming out of old SSP's databases. The error generated 4-5 every one minute were
Cannot Open database "Old SSP's Database id" and
Login Failed for NT\NETWORKSERVICE ...

Clearly, some configuration was left out somewhere for these databases and the only task then was to stop getting these errors. After googling a bit and with the help of our SQL guy we found out that there are some SQL jobs(SQL management studio -> SQL server Agent -> Jobs) for these deleted databases which were still running and were trying to communicate with the sharepoint servers.

So disabling the job "TheBadDatabaseId_DeleteExpiredSessions" job under jobs in our Sharepoint SQL instance fixed our issue.


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