Programmatically get all files in a document set sharepoint 2010

To Programmatically retrieve files in a DocumentSet -

* We will first check if its a item or a Folder.
* Then check if its a DocumentSet of a SPFolder.
* At last Retrive the files in the document set.

bool _isDocumentset = IsDocumentSet(_item)

public static bool IsDocumentSet(this SPListItem item)


bool documentSetItem = false;

DocumentSet documentSet = null;

if (null != item && item.IsFolder())


documentSet = DocumentSet.GetDocumentSet(item.Folder);

if (null != documentSet)

documentSetItem = true;


return documentSetItem;


3. If document set then get its files



SPFolder documentsetFolder = _item.Folder;

SPFile file = documentsetFolder.Files[0]; -> Get files



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