Creating SharePoint list item with vbscript and WebServices

Few days back I had some urgent requirement to create and update a sharepoint list item using vbscript and sharepoint WebServices. After goggling a bit i found a solution in one of the msdn forums .. so posting the code here with my additions

Code :
Sub AddListItem(site, listGUID, itemTitle)
strEndPointURL = "http://moss" + site + "/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx"
Set objSOAPConnector = CreateObject("MSOSOAP.HttpConnector30")
with objSOAPConnector
.Property("EndPointURL") = strEndPointURL
.Property("SoapAction") = strSoapAction
End With
Set objSOAPSerializer = CreateObject("MSOSoap.SoapSerializer30")
with objSOAPSerializer
.StartElement "UpdateListItems", ""
.StartElement "listName", ""
.StartElement "updates",""
.StartElement "Batch"
.SoapAttribute "ListName", ,listGUID
.SoapAttribute "OnError", ,"Continue"
.StartElement "Method"
.SoapAttribute "ID", ,"1"
.SoapAttribute "Cmd", ,"New"
.StartElement "Field"
.SoapAttribute "Name", ,"Title"
End With
Set objResponseReader = CreateObject("MSOSOAP.SoapReader30")
Wscript.echo objResponseReader.Body.xml
End Sub



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