SharePoint 2010 Workflow Video Tutorial

Create Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010. - The workflow is created to Approve or Reject new products according to thier selling price.
See the Video below
Create Workflow with SharePoint Designer 2010

Creating Workflow using Visual Studio 2010 - The workflow in the below video will be a Site Workflow which can be run one time to approve\reject all the products in the products list which has selling price more $4000.
Creating Workflow using Visual Studio 2010

Creating Workflow Initiation form - This video will help you create a Initiation form for the above created Visual studio Workflow, so that user can manually enter the selling price (which was $4000 in above video )with which the products in the SharePoint list are compared for approval.
Creating Workflow Initiation form for SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Creating Event handlers for Workflow - In this Video you will learn how to create Handlers for the Workflow. You will then be able to run code on various workflow events like Workflow Initialized or Completed.
Create Handlers for SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Create SharePoint 2010 Workflow in Visio - In this Video you will learn how to Create Workflows in Visio using Visio SharePoint Template and then export it to SharePoint designer 2010.
Create SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Visio 2010


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