IE 8 SharePoint Check-In Check Out - ReadOnly issue.

We experienced a strange behavior today, some of our users, who logged into our SharePoint site using IE 8, were not able to Check In\Check Out the documents properly. They were getting a “Read only “warning as if someone is already working on thsi document. Well, the fact was that no one else had that document checked out at that time.

After spending a good amount of time, we found out that, the users who didn’t get the read only message\error were those, who were logged onto their machine using their own login credentials and were also into the SharePoint site (NTLM did that). This means you have to log into your machine, in order to check out a document in IE 8. You cannot just hop over to some ones computer and try to edit some document in SharePoint even with your userid.

Well, looks like IE is verifying the logged in users credentials on every server postback and gives you a message that the file is checked out by a user(the one who is logged into this computer) and is Read Only for you.
P.S. - We are still looking for the Soluton\Settings to avoid this issue.


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