SharePoint Jobs in India

Back in 2006-2007 there were nearly no jobs for people skilled with SharePoint in India. It was no dought a new product and the Indian IT consulting companies didn't have much Projects in this stream.

Three Years since then, the times have changed in the Portal world, I today see numerous SharePoint jobs in india. Lot of companies esp. in Banglore and Chennai are offering a high package and benefits to lure people with real SharePoint Experience. Accenture being the Lead, is offering a good package and a knowledge rich work to some of the experienced SharePoint developers in the market.... must say a good time for .Net developers to move on!

I recently, got a call from one of the biggest IT consulting companies in India, offering me to join them as a Lead at one of their offices in india. Surprisingly, they would pay me the salary almost equal to what I get here in US... wow that was so cool ... Well due to personal reasons I could not take up the offer .. but it certenly is a good time all the .Net developers to move in technologies like SharePoint, Biztalk and Forms Server to get the best out of the IT industry( i mean money..)

Update - We are creatign a directory of SharePoint Freelancers and will soon be promoting them to our various clients. If you know a little bit of sharepoint and want to earn some extra bucks Please Submit Yourself as Freelancer


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