Open InfoPath 2007 Projects with Visual Studio 2010

Well, To be very Clear .. Visual Studio 2010 will not include any InfoPath form projects. To open your old Infopath projects you need to open them in designer and work with VSTA code.

So for all your solutions created with VSTO you can follow the steps below

1. Open the form in Infopath 2010 Designer.

2. Launch VSTA from with the designer.

3. Here, you will be prompted to specify the Visual studio solution file. specify the path for your VSTO project and VSTA will launch your project.

4. Edit the Form code from within VSTA and re-publish the form.

Note : With Visual Studio 2010 we still can include the InfoPath functionality using InfoPath Form Control for custom WinForm applications or the XmlFormView control for custom ASPX pages using InfoPath Form Services.


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