SharePoint Blog Post Rss Feed Custom column issue

Today we experienced a strange issue With SharePoint Blog Posts list and its RSS feed.

Issue - The Blog Post RSS feed and list view webpart (for Posts list) doesn't consume or show up any custom column created or editied during the post creation. Once you create the Post, you need to re-visit it and re-publish it to make them visible in the Rss and the List view webpart. The List view webpart simply ignores the custom columns value if you dont re-publish it. The Rss feed onthe other hand, might show you the value of the custom column, along with the post body in the browser but it wont show you the same view in the code.

what we did - We were trying to consume the rss feed of a typical blog posts list with our custom webpart. Everything worked great untill we thought of consuming some custom columns (that we created in the posts list) in our webpart via RSS feed.

The column "Responsible Person " was a single line text column which was mannually entered by the author of the post. We then, added the column in the Rss settings view so that it shows up in the Rss feed. so far everything think looked good and the Rss feed showed up the custom column along with the Post body and other default columns. The issue started when we tried to extract that same column "Responsible Person" in our webpart code. For strange reasons, the Rss feed won't even show the field at all. the only way to make it come up in RSS feed (or list view webpart for Posts) is re-publishing the Post.

We are still looking for the answers to this issue since we really wanted to filter our webpart on basis of that custom field.I will surely post the workaround if I find any.


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