SharePoint 2013 JSLink Examples and Tutorial

JS Link property is a great new addition in SharePoint 2013 with which user’s can Control Rendering of Fields,Items and even WebParts using a JavaScript File (referenced in JS Link property field of a WebPart).

 To Support the new “JS Link Property” Microsoft has added a new Content type JavaScript Display Template.

Before we look at some examples here some Important things that you need to know about JS Link Property.

1. JS link is a new SPField Type property that not only lets you Control the Rendering of a Field or Control in a List, but also Rendering of a List Item,Content type,Form,View and a List view web part Instance.
2. Rendering of Fields can be Controlled in NewForm.aspx, DisplayForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx forms.
3. JS Link Override will not work if you are using the Custom List Form (i.e. it is edited in SharePoint Designer).

4. JavaScript Display Template Content Type provides some special Site Columns like Target Control Type, Standalone,Target Scope and Target List Template ID that helps users to specify JS file metadata.

Lets look at some examples-
Add Task Status Indicators in SharePoint 2013 using JS Link

Color Code List Items with JavaScript in SharePoint 2013 using JS Link

Customize List Form Fields in Display Form (DispForm.aspx) using JS Link in SharePoint 2013

Styling Announcements with JavaScript (using JS Link) in SharePoint 2013


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