Create Custom Theme in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013, the theming engine was highly improved. You can Create Custom Themes by Creating Color palettes and Font Schemes, and uploading them to the Themes Gallery. See the Step-by-Step Tutorial to Create Custom Theme in SharePoint 2013

Themes in SharePoint 2013 are defined two XML files:

    SPColor.xml - defines the color palette, in which slots now have semantic names so that it’s more clear what UI elements will be affected when you change a color value. Also, themes now support setting opacity.

    SPFont.xml - defines the font scheme and supports multiple languages, web-safe fonts, and web fonts.

Theme Gallery – Theme Gallery Contains the list of Color Palettes and Font Schemes that are make up Themes in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint looks in the 15 folder (/_catalogs/theme/15/) to determine the available Color palettes and Font schemes.

To access the Theme Gallery navigate to Site Settings -> under Web Designer Galleries -> Themes.

Composed Look – A Composed Look is a List where Structure and Components of a Theme are defined.You can define the following for a Theme -

    Color palette
    Font Scheme
    Background Image
    Master Page

Theme Gallery VS Composed Look – Theme Gallery Contains Core files that make a Theme – SPColor.xml and SPFont.xml whereas Composed look Contains Links to these files in a structured way.

See the Step-by-Step Tutorial at Create Custom Theme in SharePoint 2013 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)


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