SharePoint 2013 Open Word Documents as PDFs

As you might know that in SharePoint 2013 PDF’s are supported Out-of-box and Yes without installing any PDF Filters.Some of the cool features are -

* PDF icon is natively supported in SharePoint 2013 results

* No need to install Adobe’s free PDF ifilter or Foxit PDF iFilter

* You can Open PDF file without saving them on your machine if you have Adobe Reader 10.0.2 or later is installed.

* SharePoint will try to open PDF file in the Adobe Reader and prompt user to either checkout & open or open the PDF file directly.

Besides being able to Search and Open PDF’s another functionality that I like the most is the Out-of-box Word to PDF Conversion. Read about the Feature at Word to PDF Conversion in SharePoint 2013 (via Print to PDF)

Only Caveat here is that you would need Office Web Apps (OWA) Installed and Configured  in order to use this Conversion feature.


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