SharePoint Developer Interview Questions

Q. What is a Delegate control?
A Delegate Control is a good a way to override the existing controls\components in Out-of-Box SharePoint. SharePoint specify some important components like search box, SharePoint Page header, GlobalNavigation etc as Delegate controls. These Delegate controls are based on numbered sequences which can be overridden while specifying your own control. So for example you want to add a new search control on your SharePoint site, you can override tag in your elements.xml with sequence number greater than the original search input box.

Q. What is the difference when using Using() Vs Dispose() Vs Try / finally while developing SharePoint Components.
By "Using" you can automatically dispose of SharePoint objects. You use try - catch and finally blocks when you need to handle exceptions.

Q. How would you know the Potential memory leaks?
You can check in Log files or can use the SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool.

Q. Do you about User Information List in SharePoint?
This is a Hidden List in SharePoint accessible by Site/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx.You can query this list with User ID for user's Name, Picture Url etc.

Q. What is the difference between targeting Audience Vs SharePoint Group.
With Audience group you can set rules but with SharePoint groups you can just target with the whole list.

Q. How do add Jquery or JavaScript in your SharePoint Site?
You can use Delegate Control "AdditionalPageHead" to add JavaScript or Jquery to all SharePoint Pages.
<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="AdditionalPageHead"

Q. How do you Change the Datasource for Global and Quick Launch Navigation?
You can Change the DataSourceID for the Global and QuickLaunch navigation with a custom Navigation source.

Q. How do you Override the Navigation For example Quick Launch with your Own control.
In SharePoint, you can override Navigation Providers with your own Custom Providers.

Q. Can you add left navigation in your Custom aspx page which you deployed in SharePoint?
Yes, You need to add the master Page tags in your custom aspx page and add the content of aspx page in MainContent area.



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