Type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.ScriptLink' does not have a public property named 'xmlns:SharePoint

Recently I got this error while trying to add some ecmascript/javascript code to my Ediform.aspx.

I checked and re-checked all the references esp. for Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls in my master page but the page was was not ready to accept the

<sharepoint:scriptlink id="ScriptLink1" name="sp.debug.js" loadafterui="true" localizable="false" runat="server"> tag.

After some research the issue got resolved by wrapping the whole ecmascript code in a <div> tag. The error just went away after that.

I didn't really understand what happened here the tag <sharepoint:scriptlink id="ScriptLink1" name="sp.debug.js" loadafterui="true" localizable="false" runat="server"> works fine in any application page though.


  1. Thanks! This worked for me in similar situation =)
    It seems that it's connected to namespaces used and to stylesheet exclude-result-prefixes attribute. I think, that xml processor adds some namespace attributes to elements and some of them stop working because of that incorrect attributes.
    Don't really understand this though.



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