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Q. What is a Field Control?
Field controls are server controls that provide the basic field functionality of SharePoint. For example a Inputbox (single line text) to enter the title of the item. You can create your own FieldControl by inheriting classes from BaseFieldControl namespace.

Q. How do you develop webparts in SharePoint?
You can either develop a simple webpart with C# class library project or can use various tools available in the market. VSeWSS is an extension provided by Microsoft that consist of a webpart template for easy webpart creation and deployment. Other tools are wspbuilder, stsdev etc.

Q. Explain webpart life cycle.
protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
protected override void CreateChildControls()
protected override void LoadViewState(object savedState) //Only at Postback
protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e)
protected override void Render(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer)
protected override void OnUnload(EventArgs e)
public override void Dispose()

Q. While creating a Web part, which is the ideal location to Initialize my new controls?
CreateChildControls is the method where we initialize all the child controls.

Q. Do we always need to override Is Render() method.
We override render only in case if we need to define the rendering of our controls in the webpart.

Q. What is the WebPartManager sealed class?
The WebPartManager sealed class is responsible for managing everything occurring on a WebPart page, such as the WebParts (controls), events, and misc. functionality that will occur in WebPartZones. Each Page will have only one WebPartManager reference on the page.

Q. What are WebPart Properties?
WebPart Properties are properties defined from the right toolpane of the webpart. These are settings or values set by the end user and are used within your webpart. For e.g. WebPart title, Description etc. Some of the attributes which you can define for your custom property are WebDescription, WebDisplayName, Category, Personalizable, and WebBrowsable.

Q. How does Windows SharePoint Services help render the Webapplictaion in ShrePoint?
When a new web applictaion is created via Central Admin, Windows SharePoint Services creates a new Web application in IIS. Then the WSS, loads the custom HTTP application and replaces all installed HTTP handlers and modules with Windows SharePoint Services–specific ones. These handlers and modules essentially tell IIS to route all file requests through the ASP.NET 2.0 pipeline. This is because most files in a SharePoint site are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Q. What files gets created on a file system, when a Site collection is created ?
Windows SharePoint Services does not create any files or folders on the file system when the site collection or sites are created; everything is created in the content database. The Pages for the site collection are created as instances in the content database. These instances refer to the actual file on the file system.

Q.How Does SharePoint work?
The browser sends a DAV packet to IIS asking to perform a document check in. PKMDASL.DLL, an ISAPI DLL, parses the packet and sees that it has the proprietary INVOKE command. Because of the existence of this command, the packet is passed off to msdmserv.exe, who in turn processes the packet and uses EXOLEDB to access the WSS, perform the operation and send the results back to the user in the form of XML.

Q. What is Authentication and Authorization.
An authentication system is how you identify yourself to the computer. The goal behind an authentication system is to verify that the user is actually who they say they are.
Once the system knows who the user is through authentication, authorization is how the system decides what the user can do.

Q. What are Security methods(Authentication methods) available in sharepoint
"Out of the box", SharePoint 2007 supports nine authentication methods. But NTLM (Windows authentication) and Kerberos (Windows "standard" authentication) are offered during installation.

Q. Workflow can be applied to what all elements of SharePoint ?
Workflow associations can be created directly on lists\libraries and content types.

Q. What are the types of input forms that can be created for a workflow ?
You can create four different types of input forms including
1. An association form
2. An initiation form
3. A modification form
4. A task edit form

Q. What is the difference between method activity and event activity in WorkFlow ?
A method activity is one that performs an action, such as creating or updating a task. An event activity is one that runs in response to an action occurring.

Q. What does SPWeb.EnsureUser() do?
This method Checks whether the specified login name is a valid user of the SharePoint web.

Q. What does AllowUnsafeUpdates do ?
If you need to modify some data in you SharePoint site for e.g. update a list item or list properties you may need to allow unsafe updates on the Web site. you can set it to we.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false once your done.

Q. What is the webservice used to retrieve or add list items in sharepoint?
List.asmx is a Out-of-box webservice provided to add\update\delete and retrieve list items. It can be accessed from "http://SPSite/_vti_bin/lists.asmx" path.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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