Ajaxtoolkit modalpopupextender issue SharePoint

I have been working hard on one of our new projects which is a kind for time tracking application leveraging ajaxtoolkit controls. After using ajaxtoolkit accordin, calendarextender, popupcontrolextender i had a requirement to use the famous modularpopup extender, to show an asp.net calendar in the center of the page.

Everything went smoothly until i tried to select dates from the calendar. The expected behavior was the normal select\highlight or de-select\remove highlight but for some reasons the highlight color thing was not working. The weird thing is the date gets selected but the cell does not get highlighted and even the on day render event ignores the painting code.

Well after experimenting with various combination i figured out that it was all master page's fault. oh ya! i didn't think of that either. Earlier, I was using blueband.master which was blocking the painting thing on calendar dates so i decided to switch to the default.master. The default.master supported the highlighted thing but again had a different issue with positioning the modularextender popup. Now the popup gets displayed at the bottom of the page not in the center ufff :(

Ok so after trying googling for about 2 hours i found that all we have to do is add the docttype tag which is in blueband.master in your default.master or whatever master page you are using. This finally fixed my issues and now the popup is centered and i can select dates from the calendar inside the popup. :)


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