all calendar items are "Busy" outlook with sharepoint

Here is quick resolution to a problem (if in case you ran into it) where after integration of Outlook and setting up users overlayed calendar with sharepoint all of your calendar items seems to be "Busy".

To fix this you need to change the permission level that a user requires for other users to see more detailed information about their free\busy schedule. The following procedure is for Outlook 2010.

1. In Outlook, click the File tab, and then click Options.
2. In the Outlook Options dialog box, click Calendar.
3. In the Calendar options section, click Free/Busy Options.
4. In the Calendar Properties dialog box, set the Permission level for a user or group to
Fee/Busy time, subject, location. You can also add a user and then set the permission level.

For example, to give Default users the ability to see the Free/Busy time, subject, and location for this user's calendar appointments:

1. In the Calendar Properties dialog, select Default.
2. Change Permission Level to Fee/Busy time, subject, location.
3. Click OK.

I think you can also do this using group policy. Following was the closest article I could find on the subject,

You should now be able to overlay this user's calendar on another calendar and see the Fee/Busy time, subject, and location.


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