Using REST to get data form SharePoint 2010 lists

Since REST uses a standard URL - addressable format and uses standard HTTP methods, such as GET , POST , PUT , and DELETE , you get a predictable way to retrieve or write items in your SharePoint deployment. Here is a quick reference to how you would retrieve data with REST url

List of Lists - ../_vti_bin/listdata.svc

List - listdata.svc/Listname

Item - listdata.svc/Listname(ItemID)

Single Column - listdata.svc/Listname(ItemID)/Column

Lookup Traversal - listdata.svc/Listname(ItemID)/LookupColumn

Raw Value Access (no markup) - listdata.svc/Listname(ItemID)/Column/$value

Sorting - listdata.svc/Listname?$orderby=Column

Filtering - listdata.svc/Listname?$filter=Title eq ‘Value’

Projection - listdata.svc/Listname?$select=Title,Created

Paging - listdata.svc/Listname?$top=10&$skip=30

Inline Expansion (Lookups) - listdata.svc/Listname?$expand=Item


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