Deploy Infopath forms with powershell SharePoint 2010

Here are the golden cmdlets to Activate,De-activate,install,un-install,update and to lot more with infopath forms using Powershell

Here is how you can uninstall the existing form and re deploy it

Uninstall-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Identity form.xsn
Install-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Path C:\Form.xsn
Enable-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Identity "Form.xsn" -Site "http://SPSite"

Full List of cmdlets -

Disable-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Deactivates a form template for a site collection.

Enable-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Activates a form template for a site collection.

Get-SPDataConnectionFile - Enumerates all of the DataConnectionFiles in the collection.

Get-SPDataConnectionFileDependent - Enumerates forms that are dependent on the specified data connection file.

Get-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Returns an InfoPath form template and its parameters.

Install-SPDataConnectionFile - Installs the provided data connection file.

Install-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Uploads a form template to Forms Services.

Set-SPDataConnectionFile - Sets properties of a data connection file.

Set-SPInfoPathFormsService - Sets parameters for InfoPath Forms Services.

Set-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Sets the properties of an individual form template.

Test-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Validates that a form template can be browser

Uninstall-SPDataConnectionFile - Removes specified data connection files from the

Uninstall-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Removes the specified form template from a farm.

Update-SPInfoPathFormTemplate - Upgrades all form templates on the farm.


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