Add,Update,Delete List items using powershell sharepoint 2010

A simple example of a powershell script to add items in a SharePoint 2010 list.

$spAssignment = Start-SPAssignment
$mylist = (Get-SPWeb -identity http://SP -AssignmentCollection $spAssignment).Lists["listName"]
$newItem = $mylist .Items.Add()
$newItem["Title"] = “Added by Powershell”
$newItem["description"] = “My PowerShell Magic”
Stop-SPAssignment $spAssignment

Update list item example I -

$SPAssignment = Start-SPAssignment
$SPWeb = Get-SPWeb http://SP -AssignmentCollection $spAssignment

Next step is to get the list:
$SPList = $SPWeb.Lists["Announcements"]

When we have located the list we can retrieve the item. The quickest way is to use the GetItemByID() method:
$SPItem = $SPList.GetItemById("1")

The example above requires that you know the ID of the item. If you don’t know the items ID you can use the Where-Object cmdlet instead:

$SPItem = $SPList.Items | Where { $_["Title"] -eq "New Announcement" }
When you’ve retrieved the item you can modify the item information.

$SPItem[“Title”] = "MyTitle"
$SPItem[“Body”] = "MyBody"

After modifying an item you have to call the Update() method to set the changes.

When you’re done, use the Stop-SPAssignment cmdlet to dispose the SPWeb object. Stop-SPAssignment $SPAssignment

Delete Item -

The example below will count the items and loop down, read the name of the item, and if the item contains a 3, then it will delete that item.

$site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("") # is a legit url
$relweburl = '/Docs"
$web = $site.openweb($relweburl)
$list=$web.Lists["testList"] $listItems = $list.Items
$listItemsTotal = $listItems.Count

for ($x=$listItemsTotal-1;$x -ge 0; $x--)
Write-Host("DELETED: " + $listItems[$x].name)


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  2. Is there any ohter way to delete the list item in sharepoint list?(means with out using powershell)

  3. for the update script, if the where clause returns more than one entry, the .Update returns the error: Cannot convert value "Status" to type "System.Int32". I want to read the list items WHERE 'Status' = 'Not Started', execute a process and update the record with 'In Progress'. for the loop I am using: $SPItem | ForEach-Object {}


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