Administrative and Devlopment Class Libraries in SharePoint 2010

The administrative libraries that could be used in SharePoint 2010 custom solutions and provide functionality for farm administrators, Web application administrators, and site collection administrators are :

Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration - Provides classes for programmatically managing a SharePoint Foundation deployment.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Backup -Provides classes for protecting data with backups, VSS point-in-time copies, and SQL Server database snapshots.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment - Provides classes for importing and exporting content between SharePoint Foundation Web sites.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell - Provides classes for making custom Powershell cmdlets.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Security, Microsoft.SharePoint.AdministrationOperation, and Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel - Provide classes for setting and managing permissions, authentication, and other aspects of security.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade - Provides classes and interfaces for upgrading a SharePoint Foundation deployment.

Microsoft.SharePoint.UserCode - Provides classes that enable management of Sandboxed Solutions.

Class Libraries that are used in SharePoint 2010 development are :

Microsoft.SharePoint - Provides classes, interfaces, and structures for working with site collections, Web sites, lists, and list items.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq - Provides the classes that implement the LINQ to SharePoint provider.

The Workflow class library and Web service references for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 :

Microsoft.Office.Workflow - Contains the workflow tasks that are included with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Actions - Contains the workflow activities that are included with SharePoint Server 2010.

Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Feature - Contains classes and methods used by Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 when workflow features are deployed, activated, installed, uninstalled, and initialized.

Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Routing - Provides the programmability components for the Group Approval workflow provided with SharePoint Server 2010.

Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Utility - Contains utility classes used by the workflows that are included with SharePoint Server 2010.


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