Permission levels in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 includes five permission levels by default. You can customize the permissions available in these permission levels (except for the Limited Access and Full Control permission levels), or you can create customized permission levels that contain only the permissions you need.

The five Permission levels are :

Limited Access - They can view Application Pages, Browse User Information, Use Remote Interfaces, Use Client Integration Features etc. Designed to be combined with fine-grained permissions to give users access to a specific list, document library, item, or document, without giving users access to the entire site. Cannot be customized or deleted.

Read - Limited Access permissions plus: View Items, Open Items, View Versions, Create Alerts, Use Self-Service Site Creation, View Pages.

Contribute - Read permissions plus: Add Items, Edit Items, Delete Items, Delete Versions, Browse Directories, Edit Personal User Information, Manage Personal Views, Add/Remove Personal Web Parts, Update Personal Web Parts.

Design - Contribute permissions plus: Manage Lists, Override Check Out, Approve Items, Add and Customize Pages, Apply Themes and Borders, Apply Style Sheets.

Full Control - All permissions.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 includes 32 permissions, which are used in the five default permission levels. Like Add\Edit\Delete Items,Approve Items,Open Items etc.

Note : You can change the permissions that are included in a particular permission level except for the Limited Access and Full Control permission levels.


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