ControlPoint Features

ControlPoint no dought is one the best administrative tools available today.Here I discuss some of the features that I have used and I liked the most.

Features are :

1. Copy\Move Sites - One of the best fetaure of ControlPoint is the feature to Copy or Move site. They allow you to Copy\Move sites within and across site collection that too with the Security settings for the site.

2. Make a Site\Subsite a site collection - The feature really caught our attention, since we were looking to move some of our highly used Team sites, with high traffic to a site collection. This will give the Site a separate database and a dedicated Recycle bin.
we did this with ControlPoint's Move option in just 3-4 clicks. We did had some issues because of site template mismatch, but there is an option to overcome it.

3. View\Change Settings at any level - You can view and change settings at any level in sharepoint hierarchy. For e.g. if you wish to see the permission or security settings for all the site collections in one webapplication,then you can simply choose an option from that web apps drop-down menu to see a report on all the Site colletcions. You can also make various changes at this level. It gives you a cool and user friendly interface.

4. Use SharePoint security\permission settings - When a team is given some an access to controlPoint, they only can see\perform the functions according to there permission level on that site.

5. Easy To Install - ControlPoint creates its own WebApplication, so its pretty much a url that you have to type in.

6. Can View SharePoint's Out-Of-Box settings Pages from within controlPoint - It has a two column frame, where you can simply display and work on various setting pages which are available Out-og_Box. For e.g. you can view central admin page from within the controlPoint(in its right column).


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