The operation failed because the following URL does not correspond to a SharePoint Site collection : http:/sharepointsite/_layouts/IniWrkflIP.aspx

Error : The operation failed because the following URL does not correspond to a SharePoint Site collection : http://...../_layouts/IniWrkflIP.aspx.

The above error came up in one of our site which was created using Publishing template.

Conditions : The Error came up when we tried to initiate any workflow or publishing operation. Like Content approval or simply when publishing an Image in a Pictures library.

Possible Cause of Error : When we initiated the workflow, the request was sent to the server to display IniWrkflIP.aspx. The request lost its way, while coming back from the server and probably was sent to other WFE (since they are all load balanced) ............

I am just guessing... not sure.

Our Farm :
Well, we have a farm with three WEF's and a Application server. All three WFE's are load balanced (using Windows Load balancer).

Our WFE's are :

WFE-d (also application server).

So, What we did! ..... We created our web application(and site the collection) using WEF-a, with publishing protal as template. So the url looked like http://WEF-a:27272 and everything worked just fine using this url .

Later in that day, some developer tried to use the same site using url http://WEF-b:27272. The site behaved normally until we started publsihing our images in the library.

After, Some research in Event Logs and SharePoint Logs and on google, I found out that there is an Issue with the AAM.

Note : We had no custom configrations for AAM on this farm.

Fix : The Fix is to add the url http://WEF-b:27272(which was causing issue) in AAM as internal url with different zone than default.

So, this means in order to make it work, after we create our Web application on one of the WFE's we need to add the mappings for each one of the WFE's Url's , in different zones in AAM.

So, we added the mappins as
url zone
http://WEF-a:27272 default
http://WEF-b:27272 Intranet
http://WEF-c:27272 Internet

and it fixed the issue.

i m still confused .. i thought SharePoint should automatically add these mappings.


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